With all the hustle and bustle surrounding the holiday season, who has time to throw an elaborate party? We do, and so do you if you know who to call. That would be A Casa, an events company that specializes in throwing private food and wine events.

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Wine Tasting at home are becoming increasing popular.s Instead of scurrying around for the wines, buying food to go with them and organizing the glassware, you can have Paul Lang, a former sommelier at Babbo, take care of it.

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There's going out, and there's staying in. Guess you'd call this "going in" for dinner. A Casa is a dream come true: wine dinners prepared in your very own kitchen - by someone else. The trattoria-on-wheels is the brainchild of Paul Lang, a Tuscany-trained chef and former sommelier at Mario Batali's flagship Babbo.

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Manhattan sommelier Paul Lang effectively doubles as his own chef at his sommelier-for-hire business, A Casa. Lang spent some formative years as a private chef for a family in Italy and intended to start a restaurant when he returned to Boston, but chef Mario Batali got to him first. Batali persuaded Lang to move to New York and join the wine team at Babbo, where he served as a floor sommelier for two years.

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"What I like about Peidmotese food is the homeyness of it" says New York-based chef/sommelier Paul Lang. He should know; this is the cuisine that buoyed him through four winter months in the small tow of Mondovi, where he worked in a restaurant with a staff of three.

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When there’s no time to jaunt to Italy for a dinner party, bring home the flavors of the boot-shaped country with A Casa. New York-based sommelier and chef Paul Lang offers in-home, personalized Italian wine dinners with an added bonus of education.

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Chef Paul Lang's catering business, A Casa, offers clients elaborate home-cooked meals paired with carefully elected wines, yet his multitasking kitchen is a measly 5' x 10'. He Makes up for the lack of room with an arsenal of organizational tactics.