Wine Events

What is the A Casa experience?

Paul Lang and his staff orchestrate wine and food events focusing on Italy and it's myriad of gastronomic delights. Host a wine tasting and experiment with small producers from little known areas. Taste along with artisan cheeses, homemade Tuscan wine biscuits and a custom detailed booklet. Or let Paul prepare a traditional Italian dinner, expertly matched with appropriate wines. Paul will walk you through the dinner, explaining each course, why it's paired, and then welcome feedback and discussion.

What will I learn from A Casa?

Paul will educate you not only about the wines, but also the people who produced them and the regions from which they originated. The extent of what you learn from A Casa depends on the level of the tasting. From beginners to advanced, we can discuss the basics of wine making, the art of wine tasting, purchasing wine in stores, restaurants and online, traditional food pairings, wine storage, New World vs. Old World, and many other topics.

What events can I plan with A Casa?

A Casa has hosted a wide range of events. Some popular choices have been wine dinners, holiday parties, gallery openings, a perfect gift for an employer or relative that loves wine, team building for corporations, “Why wines and cheese match so perfectly”, prospective client meetings, focusing on specific regions and cuisines, or simply educational.

Where are the tastings hosted?

Tastings are hosted at your home or place of business. “A Casa” translates from Italian as “At Home.” A Casa is meant to convey a feeling of comfort. Since tasting and learning about wine can be intimidating to some, what better place than “A Casa?”

How does it work?

It starts with a consultation with Paul during which you will discuss what type of event you would like to plan. What is the wine knowledge of the guests? Which topics would you like to discuss? Which wines and food you would like to have?

What wines are offered?

The price raises depending on the exclusivity of the wines desired. A Casa is affiliated with the country’s most respected wine importers and distributors, offering customers everyday bargains to the world’s finest wine. Some customers might wish to draw from his or her own collections. In that case, Paul would be your personal sommelier.

How do I decide which wines and food to have?

There are almost endless choices, which will be discussed with Paul. To really appreciate both, wine and food need each other. Roasted duck with fresh rosemary paired with an elegant, earthy, floral Nebbiolo. Or sweet Vin Santo from Tuscany with a big slice of roasted hazelnut cake. Whatever you decide, A Casa is committed to creating a remarkable evening.

Why is it important to pair the wine with food?

The first thing to remember is the freedom of choice when pairing food and wine. There is endless discussion about “what is right” to pair with a certain wine. While there is no right or wrong, there are certainly traditional and popular pairings we will discuss.

What about the food?

To truly experience A Casa, we recommend hosting a wine dinner. Wine dinners focus on wine and food pairing. We are committed to serving only freshly handpicked, seasonal ingredients. We purchase and prepare foodstuffs only from local farmers, the green market, and gourmet shops.

How can I learn more about the food?

A Casa offers cooking classes in company with the wine tastings. The classes are a great way to sink your hands into fresh pasta dough, really experience the fragrances of freshly snipped herbs, or bake some crunchy biscotti. Paul instructed cooking classes at the Capezzana Estate in Tuscany. Learning from Contessa Lisa Bonacossi, one of Tuscany’s great home cooks, Paul was chef at the Estate.

What is A Casa’s specialty?

While A Casa focuses on Italy and it’s myriad of wines and food, we realize that there is indeed a world of wine and food. We will happily accommodate requests for any region or cuisine.

How much time will a tasting take?

The time depends on how many questions are asked. The more inquisitive the crowd is, the more interesting and involved the event will be for everyone.

Are events hosted only in New York?

No. A Casa has hosted events throughout the U.S. and internationally.

What is the vibe like at an A Casa event?

Paul and his staff will make your experience exactly as you would like it. The one constant is the commitment to bringing you all of the experiences and tastes that make you feel “A Casa.”